Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Warrior Within

There lives inside of me, a feisty Warrior that feeds on injustice and finds ways to bring good to as many people as possible.

She has a compulsion to inspire others, encourage & uplift them, and to help those who are down on their luck. She has given her entire life, not needing notoriety or self-gain from helping others. The act of giving alone, is gift enough for her. Helping others or cheering them up, heals her in a way nothing else does.
Yes, I find a disconnect with my inner Warrior. There are times she needs the rest, and I need the break from her constant need to be everywhere for everyone. Learning to self-moderate and be your own shut-off button is a major curve!! But in using purposeful mindfulness these last few years, I've surprised myself by how much stronger a Warrior I become after each obstacle is obliterated, and my weapons and armor come off for the sleep that is due after each rough setback and battle.
Having a 100% survival rate in this life isn't easy, but with the right people by my side at the right times, I have managed to overcome some of the worst things this world could conjure up at times. And as always, when it rains, it pours. Hell, the past 9.5yrs have been completely mind-blowing just falling ill and going part time and losing my job, then becoming disabled all within the first year alone...Life is rough, but you have to keep telling yourself that there's a reason you're here - then go find that reason!!!