Monday, November 25, 2019

My Clarinet, sadly is gone

My Clarinet: 

My daddy bought me my used clarinet. I wasn't worth a shiny new one from my loving family, bc this was an extracurricular activity with freedom and responsibility. Failed band one term for missing a concert due to pneumonia though. Mom made sure she took me just in time for me to be able to stay hole, and not wreck anyone's good time, by dragging me to a school function for a holiday concert. 
My mom's oldest daughter borrowed that same clarinet, for my nephew when he was in elementary/middle school so he could learn an instrument. 
then she sold the fucker behind my back, and told me she knew I needed money to pay my car insurance. 🤯🤬
Few years later, Damn same sister begged me to move in to "save me from a bad situation," then tried to raise rent on a rampage; and when she wouldn't let me have my stuff to move, threw it all on the front lawn (mostly broken) before I got there with the Sheriff's to just get my belongings. 
This 'moving out of my sister's house' happened the day before my 21st birthday.
So when my family says "They Wish They Could," it kinda means something different here, guys! 
This is an adult woman in her fucking 50's! 
But she's #JustFine 

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