Friday, October 4, 2019

Chapter 5: Entering my 40’s with less understanding of ‘normal’

No surprise to see I had to escape reality yesterday. I took my two guys hostage, for #FamilyDateNight (my son hates when I call it this), to see ‘The Joker!’ It seemed appropriate, after the decade I’ve been through. 

#PerfectTiming #SilverLinings #MyTwoGuys

Sonny was able to keep his day off work, and we got to both of my appointments, early! Despite many much #2DaysPastNever #FunFuckery going on! Gotta love Thursday’s! 

We get to the cardiologist 45-50 minutes early, and I’m ecstatic! I have time to ensure I’ve completed all the paperwork! 

No, Amanda! You’ve gone to the wrong location, and need to head straight into rush hour, to get there on time. 

Can we do this? Yes, We Can! 

And arrived early, too! God I love weird adrenaline rushes. 

🚨 My fears are odd, and valid, based on my worn tread. The twisted & unhealthy coping mechanisms mayBe slightly varied in this model! 🚨 

Cardiologist: scheduled echocardiogram, nuclear stress test, and halter monitor ❤️ recheck in December. 

Cardiologist said I do have EDS, and said to see a rheumatologist for diagnosis, and he will check my heart for the irregularities that are common. *all simply bc I grabbed and pulled the skin on my arm, exclaiming that I had zero idea until this year, that it wasn’t normal. 

The nurse there helped me find a loophole, in order to medicate for pain safely, without breaking the rules of the nuclear test; since my insurance is quick to deny claims, and medical cannabis is usually a concern with any of my physicians. It’s definitely listed as a prescription for my pain management (and then some!) 

So, the cardiologist’s Urbana, Md office, is about 3 minutes from my favorite dispensary! 

Guess who grabbed meds & munchies before heading to the Duck Doctor!? 

This bitch, right here! πŸ’š

Pelvic Pain Specialist: 1st prescription: 20min walk outside at least 3x a week. Recheck in a month. And the ever popular Pelvic Floor PT. We discussed the muscle tightness, especially on the right side, and how a hysterectomy may not help someone with the level of pelvic floor dysfunction that I have. 

Also, I definitely have something systemic. The problem will be, with which type of EDS I actually am diagnosed. Because the type determines my chance for helpful treatment. EDS is hard to diagnose, and harder to treat, even with specialists who understand it. Because it’s so complex, and bc I have so much trauma in my past, it’s just going to be a harder recovery than I was expecting. That’s not to say that I’m displeased with my Thursday. I’m relieved to be back with compassionate doctors. 

I may be able to avoid a kitchen renovation, guys! I’ve never had an issue with starting PT! I’ve simply had an issue with going with zero diagnosis reason at all. 

We discussed head injuries, and the lack of treatment or pursuit of answers, post-concussion. 

Thank God I’ll be seeing another new neurologist soon! Concussions are a major concern for me. I hit my head a lot, and have been knocked out cold, a lot, in my life! 

*One injury caused me to want to go to school for a math test the next day. Neck collar, 2 days rest, and back to school I went. Wooden A-frame ladder to the head, in school, on the stage during drama class. Thanks again, BHS! 

With each fall, hit to the head, I became more frantic, and the drs seem to care less about my brain, and more about the fear and ignorance of my #BiPolar 


#BrainInjury or #BiPolar or #BOTH? 

Also, I’ve started requesting that my specialists keep my MMCC ID on file. At this point, I will NOT be seeing many drs who aren’t cannabis friendly! So I want to be sure they are aware of how serious I am about my medication. 

I am proud of how far I’ve come with the help of medical cannabis. I truly am!! It’s helping me in more ways than I ever thought possible! 

The #Stigma exists for a reason. 



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